ヒラノ トシユキhirano toshiyuki

I was born in 1984 and graduated from Osaka Designer's College.
After graduation, I worked in a design company for one year,
and I became an illustrator afterwards.
  Japanese / English


2006 Gallery sora『mouyamune』
2008 pict:gallery 『little planet ~sokokara,dokohe~』
2009 pict:gallery 『The last parade original picture exhibition』
2010 Draw cover designs competition vol.9 prize winner exhibition
   Pater's Gallery Competition 2009 prize winner exhibition
   The first『iratsuu』illuatration competition prize winner exhibition(May)
   HB FILE COMPETITION vol.20 prize winner exhibition(August)


2007 Selected in TOKYO illustration 2007
   The third notebook competition/An editorial department prize
   AMUSE ART JAM in KYOTO/Semi-grand prize
2008 WEST&EAST vol.6/Highest award
   The 7th TIS competition/Jury's special award(Nisuke Shimotani)
2009 Pater's Gallery Competition 2009/Next mark of Nisuke Shimotani award
   Draw cover designs competition vol.9/Semi-grand prize
2010 HB FILE COMPETITION vol.20/Grand prize (Masayoshi Nakajou)